Our Mission

"Our dedication is to build relations by providing the ideal pool experience for both property management and pool patrons."

Our Values 

Communication: Patriot Pools encourages frequent communication with patrons and property management alike. Property management personnel will be teamed with a Patriot Pools Manager immediately. Our managers are year round full time employees. This allows for communication to address concerns before during and after pool season. Immediate and reliable access is necessary for proper communication.Our management team is more accessible than most pool service providers. Communication may occur through traditional forms of contact, working in conjunction with new media. Patriot Pools is now on two major media platforms, which include Instagram as well as Facebook. Each is a useful tool to both Patriot Pools and our customers. 

Trust:  Patriot Pools believes that straight forward business practices are the only path to successful, sustainable business relations. We do not make guarantees just to "sell" a contract, this includes making promises that the company cannot keep. Patriot Pools guarantees a dedicated management team that is 100% accountable for the success of our clients and facilities. Proactive managing requires constant supervision and direct communication. Through this, we are able to drastically minimize potential problematic situations and provide the perfect pool environment. 

Innovation: Patriot Pools understands the value of new technology as a means of customer satisfaction. We offer live cameras as part of our estimate. The cameras allows both Patriot Pool as well as property management to view the property 24 hours a day, during the season.The only requirements from properties to utilize this service is a wireless network. After installation a password protected link is emailed to property management. Through this link, the live feed from the property may be viewed. The camera is another measure to ensure the high standard set by both property management and Patriot Pools.